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hack212 is a flat-fee recruiting company focused upon the placement of cyber & cyber-adjacent professionals for the Fortune 1000, Cyber 500 and venture backed startups.


Every HACK212 contractor who qualifies for a W2 pay-structure earns 2 weeks of annual PTO, a matching 401k and health benefits.  We treat our contractors like family because its the right thing to do, and it also helps keep them engaged long-term.



In addition to providing resumes for each candidate we build electronic dossiers for each candidate that include video interviews as well as internal skill assessments.


Most clients opt to pay us a relatively small monthly fee to take advantage of our flat-fee recruiting option and industry leading 5 year replacement guarantee.  

The finest hackers worldwide.

Our network of cyber talent spans the globe.  We are usually able to get to anyone with a single phone call.  Why?  Our reputation for providing the finest cyber talent with the most exciting career opportunities is known in most important cyber-circles.

  • Engineers: Social, PenTest, Defensive & DevOps

  • Cyber Sales: Quota Carry, Pre-Sales 

  • Consultants: SAP, System Integrator & Strategy: up to 100% Travel

  • USG Cleared: NACLC, Secret, Top Secret, Q, TS/SCI, Poly

  • Cyber & ERP Litigation Expert Witness Support

  • Cyber Executives: CISO, CSO, CIO, CTO & Cyber Fluent Board Members

Scouting Hackers 101


Put quite simply: we go where the talent is and do whatever we can to make them happy.  You'll find us at SAPPHIRE, RSA, Black Hat, DEFCON, OWASP, SANS, ISACA, and ISSA.


When we arrive, our goal is singular:  WE SCOUT TALENT


Sometimes these hackers wear suits and call themselves CISOs.  Sometimes these hackers wear military uniforms and call themselves pen-testers and sometimes they are tattooed t-shirt and jeans hackers that just call themselves hackers.


We seek to build a relationship with them.  Often, it's as simple as talking about the latest exploits over coffee, sometimes it means pushing a supercar around a track at 160 mph; but, the common thread is always about learning about their professional, personal and family goals. 


We do what it takes to secure the best cyber and SAP talent in the world for our Fortune 1000 client base.  We are the best hacker scouts in the world.



Much is made about the "passive candidate" in the world of recruiting.  The idea that the perfect individual for your open position is likely the person who is already doing this job for your competitor.  We find those perfect SAP & Security candidates.


Once we find these "passive candidates" we have to get and keep their attention.  We do this through a combination of our reputation, the details of your awesome opportunity and the promise that their new position will be better than their last.


Here is where we are different.  Most recruiters take jobs on contingency and mass mail their candidate database.  We don't.  We market positions and people on a person-to-person basis.  Our candidates don't stay on the market long.  Neither do our reqs.

We hacked recruiting to make it fast & easy.


Our Client will contact us, we will collect information regarding the position, but we do so by asking questions about specific scenarios instead of asking for our client to provide a job description.  


Many of our clients' requisitions are never even posted to a job board.  (they are SO 1990's.)

DAY 2-3

We guarantee three top candidates in 48 hours.  Clients will review dossiers prepped for the top candidates including video interviews to ascertain which candidates they'd like to see in-person for a two-way 30 minute interview.

We help our candidates prep a 3-5 minute video Q&A introduction to show comm skills.

DAY 4-5

Videos are recorded by candidates and reviewed and clients.  hack212 schedules top candidates in for an in-person interview (on premise or via web-conference).   We then re-check references and work with client HR for onboarding.


No surprises here around the offer.  We have never had an offer rejected by a candidate.

DAY 6-10

Client selects one candidate and one alternate for the position and sets start-date.  Candidate drug test and background check is provided by hack212 when required by member client at no additional charge.


All done! 15 minutes of paperwork, 15 minutes watching videos & 90 minutes interviewing.

Refer Your Friends, make up to $5k.

Unlike some mammoth recruiting firms, we aren't greedy.  We share the wealth with those who help us to be successful.  Our referral bonus is the very best in the industryThere are two opportunities to get paid: the first is to refer a client company who is seeking to fill Cyber or SAP roles.  The second is for referring a candidate who is hired by one of our member clients.  In either instance, hack212 will wire you $5,000 within 2 business days of being paid by the client for the W2 placement.

As with anything, there are a few restrictions here.  As an ethical recruiting firm, we will not recruit candidates from our member clients, nor can we accept referrals for potential candidates who work at these member companies.  The bonus is reduced to $2,500 If the W2 candidate is hired under our reduced-fee attrition & succession guarantee plan and $1,000 for a contractor candidate.

We want to be your trusted partner.  We want you to be successful and happy.


Most recruiting agencies find resumes online and send them to the hiring manager to sort out.  They should be embarrassed.  hack212 has a Zero Bad Hire policy, we know our reputation is on the line.

We constantly update our massive interpersonal network of cyber security professionals by putting them through an exhaustive vetting process based on our proprietary digital scorecards.  We screen out candidates with weak communication skills, unsuitable resumes and those who over-exaggerate their accomplishments on their resumes.  All of these ratings are transparent to our member clients.

Member clients are always happy to know that we pre-screen candidates who are not recommended by their references, as well as candidates who lack interest or are not ideally located before ever referring them to a member client for an interview.