For only $1,499 per month, our member clients receive:

One free placement per year (a $25k value)

Two invitations to all members-only events

Discounted core services

Exclusivity / Non-Solicitation Guarantee

50% Off Attrition / Succession Replacement Guarantee for duration of Membership

Flat-Fee W2 Placement

17.5 % or $25,000 whichever is less

Recruiting in a tight labor market can be difficult.  Some recruiting firms punish their loyal clients when demand is constricted and beg their clients for work when the employment market is soft.  We prefer a perpetual relationship modeled on respect and value.

W2 Contractors

 1.75x (i.e. $100 pay rate * 1.75 = $175 bill rate)

Does this seem expensive?  It really isn't, especially considering that our burdened payroll is ~1.28x for each of our W2 contractors.  If the position is legitimately non-W2 qualifying, we can reduce the rate by ~.26 for an effective markup of 1.49x.

Contract-to-Hire (C2H)

 $25,000 less any net contract margin paid

We don't "double dip."  Its not cool at a party and its not cool in contracting.  We only charge our members the difference between net profit and our full-time placement fee of 17.5% or $25,000 whichever is less.  Fair is fair.  We want you coming back!

Hourly QIA Sourcing

$87.50 per hour w/ 40 hour minimum

This is probably our coolest product for large corporations who have an internal recruiting staff that is responsible for filling positions.  hack212 will source QUALIFIED, INTERESTED & AVAILABLE tech candidates to pass along to your HR department.